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Labor contract: first signing of one - to three-year labor contract;

Working hours: according to the requirements of "labor law";

Rest and vacation: working days and rest days can be taken off in the year. Statutory holidays overtime according to the "labor law" requirements calculated salary; Leave shall be subject to national, provincial and local regulations.

Labor remuneration: the salary level shall be determined according to the corresponding position level, and the salary system shall be implemented based on the salary point system. Efficiency pay; Piecework salary, year-end bonus; The company regularly adjusts the salary of those who achieve the performance target;

Performance management: the company has established a set of scientific and complete performance management system;

Insurance benefits: pay five items of social insurance and housing accumulation fund; Food subsidies and free accommodation; Shuttle bus to rizhao - lanshan;

Interested candidates should mail, fax or E-mail their resumes, educational background, professional title, id card, original and copy of labor relationship certificate and recent one-inch photo to the group.

Please indicate the position you are applying for, the salary requirement and an appointment.

Unaccepted data will be stored in the company's talent pool for 6 months. The company is responsible for confidentiality and will not be returned. No unannounced visits.

Mailing address: xishou, xipan village, hushan town, lanqiao group human resources department, rizhao city (please indicate the applied words)

Zip code: 276808

Company website:

E-mail:lanqiaozhaopin@163.com (please do not paste the attachment), and please mark "apply for" in your letter.

Fax: 86-633-2660189